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September & October Newsletter!

Gregory Ricks & Associates – September & October Newsletter!    

Winning at Life: John from West Point, MS – How Do I Use My TSP?

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See how Gregory guides a caller through the process of what to do with his TSP (Thrift Savings Plan). John from West Point, Mississippi calls in on Winning At Life to get a second opinion from Gregory Ricks on how to best use the options in the TSP.

Winning at Life: Gordon in Houma – Am I Ready to Retire?

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Gordon calls in from Houma, Louisiana to get Gregory’s opinion on whether or not he’s ready to retire. Hear Gregory walk through some questions to see if Gordon is on the right path.

Winning at Life: Steve in Van Cleave asks about a reverse mortgage

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Steve asks Gregory Ricks and Dwayne Stein about how the math on a reverse mortgage sounds like a rip off. Is it useful in the right circumstance? Steve calls in from Van Cleave, Mississippi to discuss his situation on Winning at Life.  

The Ricks Report – February 12, 2018

The Ricks Report

The Ricks Report February 12, 2018   NUMBERS OF $IGNIFICANCE $ YOU DO THE MATH – The 4.1% unemployment rate for January 2018 that was reported by the government on 2/02/18 is based upon a survey of just 60,000 households that was completed during the week of 1/08/18.  The employment status of the individuals in