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Winning at Life: Guest Dwayne Stein’s Bitcoin Disaster

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Have you ever thought about investing in Bitcoins? Our guest, Dwayne Stein, reveals his disastrous experiment in Bitcoin and talks about ways the rising interest rates are affecting your mortgage options. Watch this video to learn more about Bitcoins! Dwayne Stein, the host of Mortgage Gumbo radio show, is part of our Total Wealth Authority team.

Winning at Life: John from Jackson – Can You Use Liquid Assets to Pay Off Mortgage Early?

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  John in Jackson asks Gregory if he should use some of his liquid assets to pay off his mortgage. Watch this video to find the answer!   

Winning at Life: Steve in Van Cleave asks about a reverse mortgage

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Steve asks Gregory Ricks and Dwayne Stein about how the math on a reverse mortgage sounds like a rip off. Is it useful in the right circumstance? Steve calls in from Van Cleave, Mississippi to discuss his situation on Winning at Life.  

Winning at Life: Using a Reverse Mortgage

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Gregory Ricks talks about putting your home equity to work for you with a Reverse Mortgage or a Reverse Purchase.

Winning at Life: Should I pay off this low rate mortgage balance with my savings?

Mike in Ocean Springs, MS calls into Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks to ask if he should pay off the remainder of the balance on his mortgage loan that has a rock bottom interest rate, or invest that money elsewhere?