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Your Retirement

Your Retirement

Plan for a Comfortable, Confident retirement with Louisiana’s Retirement Authority!

What are your priorities for retirement?

  • Maintaining your “life’s work” and lifestyle?
  • Balancing work and leisure?
  • Leaving a legacy that will convey your values as well as your assets?
  • Are you conservative when it comes to your retirement money?
  • Do you have a coordinated plan that may allow you to preserve assets and maintain adequate levels of retirement income?

A fulfilling retirement requires a plan, and Gregory Ricks and Associates can provide you with that plan. Gregory Ricks and Associates specializes in helping Louisiana’s soon to be retirees and retirees structure a personal plan to protect their assets and maintain a reliable income throughout retirement.

Often, the lack of comprehensive planning is the “missing ingredient” – a key factor necessary for assuring a more orderly retirement transition and one with potential for making retirement more rewarding in years to follow.

Louisiana’s retirees turn to Gregory, and his team, for that personalized planning, as well as for the individual guidance and candor they value – principles that are highly regarded at this very important time in their lives.

Creating a strong plan

For many people, retirement is both a time of hope and worry. Hope that savings and investments will provide a comfortable retirement; and worry that the means will fall short of the needs.

Retiring on hope can be scary. Gregory Ricks and Associates offers their families an alternative: a carefully constructed income and/or investment plan that gives them the potential for long-term financial comfort in retirement. They will not only design the plan, they will follow through with you and assist you with carrying it out.

Your team at Gregory Ricks and Associates will help you review your current investments and retirement savings, and identify areas of concern. Their first priority in relationships with their families is to help them protect what they have, which is why they abide by an investment philosophy designed to enhance returns while reducing the level of risk.