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Legacy Planning

Your Legacy

It’s not what you make, but what you keep that ultimately matters in your retirement.

Looking to the Future

A successful retirement plan not only provides for your needs, but it also looks ahead to future generations. Gregory Ricks & Associates can also assist you to formulate and enact an estate planning strategy that will help you preserve more of your wealth and transfer the bulk of your estate smoothly to your heirs.

It is not what you make, but what you keep that ultimately matters. Legal and innovative estate planning vehicles will allow you to keep more than you have anticipated. Your Gregory Ricks & Associates team will work with your family attorney or accountant to design and implement these kinds of structures and/or will recommend professionals from their total wealth management team as needed.

A wealth of possibilities ahead

Total wealth is the ability to face the future with financial confidence – sure in the knowledge that you have the financial ability to live life YOUR way every day in retirement. Total wealth is the sum of the three Ps: PRESERVING your assets, PROTECTING your future and PASSING ON your legacy. Contact Gregory Ricks & Associates today and draw on their expertise to plan for a quality retirement with a caring, accessible, personal advisor and team.