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Wealth Management

You can trust the talented advising team at Gregory Ricks & Associates for all aspects of wealth and asset management. We pride ourselves in giving sound advice to our customers that leads to financial flexibility and security.

When you sit down with us, we’ll talk about the importance of wealth and asset management, give you financial advice, and address any other financial concerns you might have.

Making good investments is only part of what we do. We help you define and plan for your goals, such as asset protection, retirement, debt management, and life insurance. We sit down with you to learn everything there is to know about your current finances and future aspirations. After this, we’ll work together with you to develop a diverse portfolio and manage your wealth in order to direct you toward secure financial independence.

As an independent and local financial planning company, we’re able to act as a client’s advocate, offering objective wealth management advice free from the conflicts of interest that are prevalent in financial services. Call us today to set up a consultation at our Metairie offices.

What is Wealth Planning and Management?

Wealth and asset management seamlessly combines financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning and legal/estate planning for one uniform rate. The management advisors from Gregory Ricks & Associates have years of experience and education behind them, so you can trust that they’ll help you make the best financial choices.

With wealth and asset management services from Reap Financial advisors, you’re receiving so much more than just investment advice. Wealth management is heavily involved in every part of your financial life. If you are a high net-worth person in Metairie, it’s imperative to know about the importance of wealth and asset management. You and your family have current financial needs to consider, and you’ll inevitably have needs in the future. You can be prepared for whatever life throws at you with the financial services of Gregory Ricks & Associates.

Our wealth management advisors will develop a strategy to maintain and increase your wealth based on your individual financial situation, goals and risk preferences. After completing the strategy, we can continue to meet with you on a regular basis. This way, we’ll always make sure your wealth and assets are in great shape.