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Tax Planning

Like it or not, taxes play a major role in a retirement plan. It’s important to take an in-depth look at how much of your retirement savings will be taxed now, the day you retire, and into your retirement years. This understanding may make the difference between a retirement that allows you to do all the things you have dreamed of and one where you are merely scrapping by. With Gregory Ricks & Associates, you don’t have to count on a different resource for professional counsel on your taxes. *In addition to retirement planning and wealth management, we also offer tax planning services to our New Orleans customers.

*Tax services are provided by a third party CPA firm and Total Wealth Authority team member.

Taxes & Retirement

Every dollar helps when it comes to creating a healthy retirement savings. *During our tax planning assessment, we can take a look at the big picture to determine ways to help you save on your taxes. This includes minimizing the effects taxes have today and selecting retirement strategies that offer the best tax advantages. Depending on your situation, this could include:

  • Withdrawing money strategically
  • Analyzing income taxes to help you keep more of what you earn
  • Avoiding unnecessary fees in retirement products
  • Reducing estate taxes
  • Growing assets as efficiently as possible

With extensive knowledge of both retirement and taxes, we’re able to help our clients develop a well-rounded plan for their future.

Tax Preparation

Filing your taxes each year is a great opportunity to proactively create a better retirement for you and your family. Many people miss out on beneficial deductions and credits because of the complex nature of tax language and procedures. *Our team will make sure that you don’t overlook anything that might be to your benefit. Whether you need us to file your return or simply provide our tax expertise, we’ll make sure your taxes and retirement plan work together in harmony.

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If you would like a consultation on retirement and taxes, please call us at (504) 832-9200. Our office in Metairie is a convenient resource for future retirees in New Orleans, Mandeville, Slidell, Kenner, and other communities in Eastern Louisiana.

*Tax services are provided by a third party CPA firm and Total Wealth Authority team member.