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Tax Preparation in New Orleans, LA

Taxes are crucial when you are developing a retirement plan. It’s important to take a thorough look at what percentage of your retirement savings will be taxed now, the day you retire and throughout retirement. This information can give you the chance for a more enjoyable and secure retirement. With Gregory Ricks & Associates, you don’t have to count on a different resource for specialized advice on your taxes.

At Gregory Ricks & Associates we don’t just offer retirement planning and wealth management services. We also provide tax planning services to our New Orleans clients. Tax services are offered by a third party CPA firm and Total Wealth Authority team member.

Tax Evaluations for Retirement

As you’re planning retirement, every dollar is precious. During our tax planning evaluation, we can take a look at the greater picture to figure out methods to help you save money on your taxes. This includes decreasing the effects taxes have currently and selecting retirement strategies that provide the most beneficial tax incentives. Depending on your situation, this could include:

  • Withdrawing money strategically
  • Analyzing income taxes to help you keep more of your earnings
  • Avoiding unnecessary expenses in retirement products
  • Reducing estate taxes
  • Growing assets as quickly as possible

With comprehensive knowledge of both retirement and taxes, we can help our clients create a well-rounded plan for their future.

Preparing Taxes

When you file your taxes it is an excellent moment to actively organize a better retirement for you and your family. Many people miss out on useful withdrawals and credits because of the technical nature of tax language and methods. Our team will guarantee that you don’t overlook anything that might be beneficial. Whether you want us to file your return or just provide our tax knowledge, we’ll make sure your taxes and retirement plan perfectly coexist.

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To receive a qualified consultation about taxes and retirement, call us at (504) 832-9200. Our location in Metairie is a convenient resource for people approaching retirement age in New Orleans and other cities in Eastern Louisiana.