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Social Security Planning

Everyone planning for retirement has a lot of questions when it comes to Social Security and their plans. Some of the most common concerns that we hear from our New Orleans clients are:

  • How much money will I receive from Social Security?
  • When should I withdraw my Social Security funds?
  • How much of this money will be taxed?
  • Will my spouse or children be able to use my Social Security after I die?

These are serious questions with complex answers that vary from person to person. To receive clarity on your Social Security situation, schedule an appointment with Gregory Ricks & Associates today.

Our Financial Advisors

We have a wealth of experience with Social Security and will take a look at your unique situation to help you make informed decisions about this important retirement factor. For instance, full Social Security benefits are available when a person reaches “full retirement age”. This age varies based on the birth year of the individual. If you start withdrawing your benefits before you reach this age, you may be subject to reductions. Waiting to start benefits until after this age could result in credits that increase your monthly amount. The financial advisors from Gregory Ricks & Associates can work with you to figure out the best time to begin your benefits.

Additionally, we can help you understand tax implications, spousal entitlements, and other elements related to Social Security and your retirement.

Talk to Us

If you have any of the questions listed above or other concerns related to Social Security, please contact us today. You can schedule an appointment over the phone by calling (504) 832-9200 or through email at We’re proud to meet the retirement and Social Security needs of the entire New Orleans area, including Mandeville, Slidell, Kenner, and Metairie.