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Life Insurance in Metairie

Gregory Ricks & Associates is your life insurance specialists in the area of Metairie, La. Our life insurance professionals will help you find the best life insurance option for your specific situation. Contact us today to take steps towards improved financial security.

What’s senior life insurance?

Senior life insurance is an agreement between an insurance agency and a customer which outlines each party’s obligation to one another. The policyholder agrees to pay a certain amount of money at regular intervals, which is known as a “premium”. In return, the company agrees to pay a lump sum to a designated beneficiary after a specified event (usually the policyholder’s death).

Universal & Term life insurance

Term life insurance relates to a specified time frame, regarding both the premium payments and the payout.

Universal or whole senior life insurance is guaranteed for the owner’s entire life. This form of life insurance also allows for easy access to funds and provides tax-advantaged wealth growth.

There are benefits to both kinds of senior life insurance. Call one of our insurance professionals in Metairie to learn which life insurance solution will work best for you.

How does senior life insurance compare to other investment options?

The benefits and disadvantages to every investment strategy will be specific to you, depending on your financial situation. If you want to make the right choice, you should find an experienced financial advisor.

Who Needs Senior life insurance?

Everybody needs a senior life insurance policy! It doesn’t matter if you are 28 or 78; you still have a need for this important product.

Why Should Everyone Purchase Senior life insurance?

  • Provide the means for your family to pay for funeral expenses.
  • To cover school fees, utility bills, food, and other costs of living.
  • Paying off outstanding debts, such as mortgages.

These three reasons are just the beginning. Talk to a senior life insurance professional at Gregory Ricks & Associates to learn more about your options.