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Senior Life Insurance in Metairie

Our staff of life insurance specialists in Metairie can assist you through the challenging process of choosing your life insurance policy. By looking over your unique situation, we will help you select the best option for you. Contact us now to take the necessary steps towards improved financial security.

What is senior life insurance?

In a senior life insurance contact, an agreement is made between an insurance company and a customer. The customer pays a specified amount, called a “premium”, at regular intervals, and in return the company pays a designated amount to a beneficiary under certain circumstances (usually at the policy owner’s time of death).

Term & Universal life insurance

With term life insurance, the policy owner pays for a certain amount of time and the benefits are only available for a fixed period.

In contrast, universal or whole senior life insurance is guaranteed for the owner’s entire life. If set up correctly, universal or whole senior life insurance plans provide quick access to funds, while also providing for tax-advantaged growth of wealth.

You will find advantages to both types of senior life insurance. To learn which senior life insurance solution will work best for you, speak with our insurance professionals in Metairie.

How does senior life insurance compare to other investment options?

Depending on our financial circumstance, there will be pros and cons to every investment program. The most important thing to think about is selecting the correct financial advisor who will take care of your needs.

Who Needs Senior life insurance?

Everybody needs a senior life insurance policy! It doesn’t matter if you are 26 or 76; you have a need for this important product.

Why Should You Buy Senior life insurance?

  • Funerals cost thousands of dollars. Why put that burden on your family?
  • To pay for the expense of children still living at home.
  • Paying off outstanding debts, including mortgages.

There are many other reasons to buy senior life insurance. Learn more by contacting a senior life insurance professional at Gregory Ricks & Associates.