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Metairie Retirement Planning

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since the day you first got a job – retirement. Retirement is like a permanent vacation. Do you know what you will do with all this time? Do you want to buy your dream home? A good savings plan is a must if you want to accomplish these goals. Will you live frugally so you can leave behind some money for your children or do you want to spend everything you have worked so for? Gregory Ricks & Associates is here to answer all questions on retirement planning for our Metairie clients.

Whether you’re in your thirties or a few years from retirement, you’ll have several difficult financial choices to make as you plan for the future. It can be very difficult to figure out everything you need to know about annuities, IRAs, infinite banking, life insurance, and other financial products. If you want to avoid poor choices while making this plan, meeting with a financial professional is the best option.

Gregory Ricks & Associates provides professional retirement planning to Metairie residents and help them on their journey toward retirement.

We Offer These Retirement Planning Services:

    • Life insurance
    • Wealth management
    • Annuities
    • Investment advice
    • Infinite banking