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Metairie Investment Advisor

You’ve been persistently working while saving money for your future. Do you know what your retirement will look like and how much income you’ll need to support it? Maybe you have a few ideas, but eventually you’ll need a concrete calculation. That’s where the investment advisors from Gregory Ricks & Associates of Metairie, La, come in. As a team, we can evaluate your financial goals and create a strategy that will allow you to live comfortable during your retirement years.

Why Choose Gregory Ricks & Associates?

We Have Experience

With years of experience giving successful financial advice, we do our best to maintain our excellent reputation in Metairie and surrounding areas.

We Have the Financial Products You Need

All of our financial advisors have access to many different investment and insurance companies, each supplying unique financial products. This allows our advisors the flexibility they need to recommend financial products that will work best for each client. We understand that every client is different; so why should their portfolios be identical?

Reliable Advice

Our financial advisors aim for long-term growth over short-term, volatile investments.