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Estate Planning in Metairie, LA

You’ve worked for years to accumulate the assets necessary to provide a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family. But have you done enough to make sure all of this is protected after you are gone? Estate planning ensures that your family is protected and taken care of in case something bad happens to you. Yet, 55 percent of Americans don’t have a last will, leaving their family members to deal with court fees expensive and legal battles. Gregory Ricks & Associates provides estate planning services to Metairie, LA, customers to develop structured estate plans built on a secure foundation.

Introductory Consultation

To provide the best possible advice for your estate plan, we must first get to know you better. Schedule a consultation with one of our financial professionals to discuss the goals that you have for your estate. With this information, we can provide you with several options to choose from that will best fit these goals. Together, we will get started on putting your unique estate plan into action.

Your Estate Plan

Efficient and seamless estate planning is not just drafting a will. For your estate plan to be seamless and effective, it must take a number of factors and scenarios into consideration. Here are a few examples of what may be included in your estate plan:

  • Will, trust, power of attorney, and other important documents
  • Charitable donations
  • Wealth transfer
  • Probate expenses
  • Death taxes
  • Liquidations

Of course, needs may arise to make adjustments to this estate plan as things change down the road. This is why establishing a relationship with a qualified estate planner in Metairie is so important. We’ll be there to monitor your plan and make changes when needed.

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Even though estate planning involves drafting a last will, it doesn’t have to be morbid. Estate planning can be a positive process, since it will allow you to think and take care of the people you love the most in your life and ensure their future happiness.
Now is the perfect time to start implementing your estate plan in Metairie, LA. Give us a call at (504) 832-9200 to schedule a consultation.