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401K Planning

Protect your savings in your company plan by making informed decisions on fund choices.

What are your concerns for your 401K?

  • Do you need the markets to do well for your retirement plan to succeed?
  • Do you have a large portion of your net worth tied up in a 401K that can only be invested in mutual funds?
  • Are you confused about which funds to choose?
  • Are you concerned that “buying and holding” the mutual funds that are available to you is not the best strategy for safety or growth?
  • Are you dreading what will happen to your nest egg in “the worst” market conditions?
  • Are you worried about when to be in cash or when to be in the market?

If so, it is definitely time for a new strategy.

A 401K plan requires good fund choices, and Gregory Ricks and Associates can provide you with the guidance and information to make educated decisions to preserve and protect what you’ve worked hard to save thus far. Gregory Ricks and the team specialize in helping Louisiana’s pre-retirees with the preservation phase of the nest egg that they are hoping will support their lifestyle during their retirement years. They provide a service that includes a non-biased tool that allows families to truly evaluate the performance of all of their mutual fund choices in their 401K plans and lets them know when to be in the market, diversified among their best choices and when to be in cash.

How much more money would you have today if you had liquidated your mutual funds and been in cash when the market went south in 2008 and when big losses happened during the flash crash of May 2010, and the most recent market crash when U.S. debt got downgraded? With risk management planning, you can avoid such drastic ups and downs. Gregory Ricks and Associates will show you your options.  They will help you capture a majority of the market uptrends and avoid a majority of the market downtrends in your company plan– contact them today and remember if you’re not at your old job, your 401K shouldn’t be either!