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Total Wealth Authority


Our Total Wealth Authority consists of:

  •             Financial Advisors
  •             Licensed Insurance Producers
  •             Estate Planning Attorney
  •             CPAs
  •             Real Estate Agents
  •             Mortgage Experts

There are many decisions to make when preparing for retirement. Search for professionals you can trust and who focus on providing strategies and products that may help you become more confident in your retirement. These experienced professionals won’t typically be found in the form of your favorite bank teller, nor at the local coffee shop, beauty salon or golf course.

Sometimes, we find that our clients’ finances are not properly aligned with their financial goals and objectives for retirement. We believe that a complete financial review consists of working with an experienced team of professionals, consisting of a qualified Estate Planning Attorney, a Registered Investment Advisor, a licensed insurance producer and a qualified tax professional who have combined experience in asset planning for retirees and pre-retirees.  By partnering with qualified attorneys and tax professionals, we can also help ensure that your legal documents are in order and that you have a tax-efficient plan for the preservation and distribution of your retirement assets.


Gregory Ricks

Gregory Ricks – Founder & CEO

Gregory Ricks is the Founder and CEO of Gregory Ricks & Associates, Inc. and is the host of  “Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks,” a Radio Talk Show on News Talk Radio 99.5 WRNO on Saturday mornings from 10 AM to 1 PM.  He is Louisiana’s 401k and Retirement Authority and author of the upcoming book, Winning at Life in Retirement, in which the emphasis is to avoid losing money to Wall Street, to avoid losing money to Uncle Sam and to protect assets from runaway health care costs late in life. He is a nationally sought after Wealth Manager, Tax Reduction Strategist and an Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor who has been educating, advising and guiding clients for 30+ years.  He has a unique vision and ability to look forward and help retirees see the financial road ahead so they know with certainty where they are, where they’re headed and where they’ll end up at any given point in time up to 10, 15 or 20 years out including changes in direction.  He does the math to ensure their monies are using the right tools and doing the right jobs for the right period of time so they win at life in retirement by living life their way every day.




Wesley Blanchard – WJ Blanchard Law LLC

Wesley Blanchard is a life-long resident of New Orleans who specializes in Estate Planning.  Wesley graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2008 as the Outstanding Political Science graduate and followed his ambition to be an attorney by enrolling in law school at Loyola University in New Orleans.  He graduated from Loyola law school in 2012 earning a spot in the top quarter of his class.  Prior to partnering with Gregory Ricks & Associates, Wesley worked at a prominent law firm in Metairie handling matters ranging from the drafting and execution of succession and wills to the representation of national corporate clients in connection with high value litigation.  Wesley prides himself on working hard for his clients, while taking the necessary time to understand their goals and expectations, resulting in a high quality legal relationship in conjunction with the shaping of your family’s future.




Jude Heath – J Heath & Co. 

Jude J. Heath is a Jesuit High School Alumnus with a B.S. in Accounting from the University of New Orleans. He has held financial and accounting positions in wholesale, retail and service industries. Jennifer H. Heath also has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of New Orleans. She worked in Arthur Andersen’s tax department for eight years. As a tax manager, she serviced clients in many different industries. Both Jude and Jennifer have specialized experience in providing tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals working and investing in the oil and gas industry.




Dwayne Stein

Dwayne Stein – Mortgage Gumbo

Crosscountry Mortgage is a full service mortgage banker, licensed in 49 states. They strive to separate themselves from other mortgage bankers and lenders through superior customer service and full range of mortgage products. Their mission is simple, to accommodate clients with the best possible advice and benefit to their financial needs while facilitating a straightforward, stress-free process for the buyers, sellers and realtors. Dwayne Stein has had the pleasure to be in mortgage lending for 18 plus years.  He is the host of  “Mortgage Gumbo” a Radio Talk Show on News Talk Radio 99.5 WRNO on Saturdays at 1PM.  His daily motivation is the fact that he holds the key to being able to work with each customer in achieving their individual goals and dreams. Born and raised in the New Orleans area, he is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a major in management and a minor in marketing. It has been his good fortune to work with so many homeowners throughout the state of Louisiana. He attributes his success to recognizing that everyone has a different set of needs and goals. He looks forward to not only meeting your expectations but exceeding them.



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