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Logo-WRNO (150x85) (145x71)RADIO: “Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks” is LIVE every Saturday morning from 10:00 AM to Noon CST on Rush Radio WRNO 99.5 FM.  Click here to listen to the most recent radio podcasts.

download (150x39)TV: “Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks” is every Sunday morning from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM CST on WNOL NOLA 38 CW.

Winning at Life


Gregory and James bring upbeat stories and messages about winning at life in retirement in areas of health, wealth and the freedom to live life to the fullest. As a financial advisor, Gregory brings pertinent financial information through the Ricks Report, education and guidance on retirement planning and through noteworthy guests. Gregory and James cover current financial headlines and will also invite guest experts in the areas of health, business, and optimistic living in these times.  Partners from the wealth management team – The Total Wealth Authority – are in studio at monthly regularly scheduled times to share their expertise in their respective areas. Tune in and expect to be entertained and educated.



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Winning at Life

Listen Live to WRNO 99.5

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JamesJames Parker

Co-Host of Winning at Life

James Parker has been entertaining audiences on talk radio for 11 years. Originally from Texas, Parker moved to the New Orleans area in 2006. He works during the week as the Executive Producer on the John Osterlind Show on 99.5 WRNO. “The best part about working on Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks is knowing that while we’re having fun, we’re also helping people improve their lives and their bank account.”

James currently lives in Lakeview with his wife and three children.


BobbyBobby Childs

Producer of Winning at Life

With more than 14 years experience in the broadcast industry, Bobby was recruited to the Gregory Ricks & Associates team to help develop Gregory’s vision of a weekly television program. “Greg wanted an extension of his ‘Winning at Life’ brand, but didn’t want it to be a sales pitch,” Bobby said of the show. “He’s a good guy who really knows his stuff, and I had to make sure that came across in the show.” Bobby is a New Orleans-area native, and a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University.

He currently resides in Laplace and enjoys spending his time with his fiancée, Carly. When not working, Bobby can be found playing guitar or watching films.