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Fixed Annuities Throughout Slidell

Have you begun to seriously consider your future finances? Do you have a retirement plan that includes your children’s well-being?

It takes time and patience to navigate the world of finances. It can also be quite stressful to figure out where and when you need to put your money. But these types of questions that must be asked (and answered) at some point. If you’re looking for help finding answer to questions about annuities, life insurance, and other financial products, Gregory Ricks & Associates is here to offer help. As financial advisors, we’ll help you balance your financial future.

Fixed annuities are one a great option that our clients have chosen in order to plan for their future. Despite the advantages, many people don’t know what fixed annuities are. Our staff can help you learn about this product and work with you to determine if it is the right choice.

What Are Fixed Annuities?

An annuity, much like life insurance, is an agreement between an individual and a financial institution. After making premium payments, the individual will receive a lump sum or incremental payments. Fixed annuities received their name from their included interest rates that are locked in at the time of purchase. This gives the owner an option that is safe an predictable.

Benefits of Fixed Annuities

Here are some of the advantages of fixed annuities:

  • Security – You will receive a fixed interest rate and guaranteed return on investment.
  • Tax deferral – Every cent invested into your annuity will be safe from taxes until you withdraw your investment.
  • Shelter from creditors – Annuities are safe from probate proceedings and cannot be touched by creditors in most situations.

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