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Kenner Life Insurance

Gregory Ricks & Associates is a group of life insurance specialists in. In order to choose the option that is best for you, we will take your specific situation into account. Stabilize your future. Call us today.

What’s Life Insurance?

In a life insurance policy, an agreement is made between a customer and an insurance agency. The insurance company agrees to pay a lump sum to a beneficiary in the event of the policyholder’s death in return for regular payments, or premium.

Universal & Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is linked to a specified time period, relating to both the premium payments and the payout.

In contrast, universal or whole life insurance is guaranteed for the duration of the owner’s life. This life insurance also allows for easy access to funds and provides tax-advantaged wealth growth.

Each type has benefits. Talk to our life insurance professionals in Kenner to find out the best solution for you.

How does life insurance compare to other investment options?

Depending on our financial circumstance, there will be pros and cons to every investment program. This is why selecting a dependable financial advisor is so important.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

The answer is short and simple: Everyone needs life insurance.

Why Should Everyone Purchase Life Insurance?

  • Funerals can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t let these expenses send your family into financial distress.
  • To cover the expense of children that may still be living at home.
  • To pay off mortgages and other debts.

These reasons are only the tip of the iceberg. Talk to a life insurance professional at Gregory Ricks & Associates to find out more about your options.