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Winning at Life: How Should Newlyweds Invest Beyond Their 401ks?

On Winning at Life, Gregory Ricks and James Parker discuss a comment card from a recent Gregory Ricks Live. They are newlyweds in their 30s looking for some direction on what they should be doing now that they’ve maxed their 401ks, and would like to invest beyond that.

Winning at Life: How to Slash Taxes on Company Stocks in Your 401k

On Winning at Life, Gregory Ricks and James Parker explain how a rarely used rule called Net Unrealized Appreciation can dramatically reduce the tax burden of getting stocks out of your company plan.

Winning at Life: Tax Scam Busted in Gulfport

Gregory Ricks and James Parker break down the story of a Gulfport tax preparer who is heading to jail for filing fraudulent returns. You have to be able to trust your accountant, and Gregory has some insight on ways you can tell the good from bad. This segment was recorded live on Winning at Life

Winning at Life: the most common IRA questions we hear

On the TV version of WInning at Life, Gregory Ricks and James Parker go over some of the most common questions. I’m currently working and contributing to a 401k. Can I contribute to an IRA at the same time? I have two separate jobs with two separate company 401k plans. Can I contribute to both

Warnings about your IRA’s 60 day rollover rule

A recent court case highlights the dangers of mishandling an IRA rollover. The IRS allows your to temporarily withdraw money from an IRA for up to 60 days to move it to another account without hitting you with taxes. Often a custodian-to-custodian transfer is preferable, but you should only use the 60 day rollover rule