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Winning at Life: Bill from Metairie Asked About Managing Social Security If You Are Self-Employed

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Bill in Metairie is self-employed and hasn’t been claiming much income on his taxes throughout the years. Now, he’s concerned his Social Security check is paying the price.      

Winning at Life: David from New Orleans Asks About Social Security Options for Married Couples

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David in New Orleans asks Gregory to explain the various options a married couple has when they turn on Social Security benefits. Watch this video to find the answers!

Winning at Life: George in River Ridge Asks About Qualifying for Social Security

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George from River Ridge asks if previous exemptions affect qualifying for Social Security. Watch this short video to find out!

Winning at Life: John from New Orleans – Get Social Security Benefits for an Adopted Minor?

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John in New Orleans asks if Social Security can help with his adopted grandson. Watch this video for the answer!  

Winning at Life: John from Picayune – How Much Money Can I Make Before My Social Security is Taxed?

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John from Picayune asks about Social Security Taxes. How much income can you earn before your Social Security is taxed? Find out now!