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Back to School? 10 Things You Must Know About Using Your IRA For Educational Expenses

The arrival of August means that it’s back to school time! This means it is time for new school supplies and other bigger expenses. Are you thinking about using your IRA to pay that large tuition bill? The rules can be complicated. Here are 10 things you will want to know: 1. Usually, if you

Hardship and Retirement Distributions–No Free Pass

A very common mistake on the part of IRA owners and plan participants is thinking that distributions taken because of their financial difficulties are tax and penalty free. Hardship Withdrawals There is no hardship withdrawal from an IRA. You have access to your IRA funds at any time, for any reason. There is a hardship

Winning at Life: How Should Newlyweds Invest Beyond Their 401ks?

On Winning at Life, Gregory Ricks and James Parker discuss a comment card from a recent Gregory Ricks Live. They are newlyweds in their 30s looking for some direction on what they should be doing now that they’ve maxed their 401ks, and would like to invest beyond that.

Brent from Metairie: How do I invest in gold without buying physical gold?

Gregory Ricks and James Parker discuss different ways to invest in gold other than buying coins and bars with Brent from Metairie on Winning at Life.

Winning at Life: Should I Consolidate My Student Loans?

Gregory Ricks and James Parker weigh the pros and cons with Taylor from New Orleans on his plan to consolidate his student loans.