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Winning at Life: Steve in Van Cleave asks about a reverse mortgage

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Steve asks Gregory Ricks and Dwayne Stein about how the math on a reverse mortgage sounds like a rip off. Is it useful in the right circumstance? Steve calls in from Van Cleave, Mississippi to discuss his situation on Winning at Life.  

Winning at Life: Using a Reverse Mortgage

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Gregory Ricks talks about putting your home equity to work for you with a Reverse Mortgage or a Reverse Purchase.

Winning at Life: Should I Use My Retirement Savings to Buy a Home?

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Trevor from Coconut Creek, Florida calls Winning at Life to ask Gregory about using his retirement savings to buy a new house.

Winning at Life TV: Do you have a Financial Advisor or a Salesman?

Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks shows you how to tell if you’re getting investment advice from a Financial Advisor or just a salesman. We explain the difference between the two, and why it’s so important to be getting guidance from someone who can work in all of the financial worlds instead of pushing a

Winning at Life TV: Reverse Mortgages

Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks explains how a reverse mortgage could be a good option for retirement income.