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Winning at Life: Gordon in Houma – Am I Ready to Retire?

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Gordon calls in from Houma, Louisiana to get Gregory’s opinion on whether or not he’s ready to retire. Hear Gregory walk through some questions to see if Gordon is on the right path.

Winning at Life: 2018 Predictions

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Gregory Ricks & James Parker give their 2018 market predictions. What will happen with Bitcoin? Where will the Dow end up? What will GDP growth be? These are tough predictions, how did we do?

Craig in Biloxi: How Will My Government Pension Affect My Social Security?

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Craig calls in from Biloxi to ask Gregory Ricks about how his government pension affects his social security.

The Ricks Report – October 30, 2017

The Ricks Report October 30, 2017 Numbers of $ignificance  START SAVING NOW – A child born in 2017 that begins kindergarten in the fall of 2022 would attend college between the years of 2035 and 2039. If that child attended an average public in-state 4-year college and if the annual price increases for public colleges

Winning at Life: James in Ocean Springs, MS: Can I Combine My Retirement Accounts into one?

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James from Ocean Springs, Mississippi asks Gregory and James if he can combine his various IRA and 401k accounts into one IRA, and is that a good idea?