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Winning at Life: Charles in Mobile Asked About Taxes in a House Sale

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Charles calls in from Mobile to ask Gregory Ricks about the tax implications of selling a house that he’s lived in for less than two years. Jude Heath, the CPA of the Total Wealth Authority, adds to the guidance from an accounting perspective.    

Winning at Life: Steve in Van Cleave asks about a reverse mortgage

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Steve asks Gregory Ricks and Dwayne Stein about how the math on a reverse mortgage sounds like a rip off. Is it useful in the right circumstance? Steve calls in from Van Cleave, Mississippi to discuss his situation on Winning at Life.  

Winning at Life: Ronnie Lamarque talks about selling cars and making music

Ronnie Lamarque, New Orleans’ biggest Ford dealer, talks about getting started in business, and his new album. He’s got a big gig this Friday at the JPAC, and an expansion at his auto dealership in Kenner.

Winning at Life: I’m Thinking About Investing $100k in Real Estate

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Eric in Ohio calls into Winning at Life to ask Gregory Ricks and James Parker if he should use his $100k in savings to invest in real estate. Eric was listening on Periscope @GregoryRicks  

Winning at Life: Dwayne Stein Helps a Caller with a Messy Neighbor

On Winning at Life, Dwayne Stein joins Gregory Ricks and James Parker to help Bill on the Northshore. He is trying to sell his house, but his incredibly messy neighbor is hurting the cause, and refuses to clean up. Dwayne Stein, host of Mortgage Gumbo and member of the Total Wealth Authority, tells Bill of