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Winning at Life: Charles in Mobile Asked About Taxes in a House Sale

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Charles calls in from Mobile to ask Gregory Ricks about the tax implications of selling a house that he’s lived in for less than two years. Jude Heath, the CPA of the Total Wealth Authority, adds to the guidance from an accounting perspective.    

Winning at Life: Janet from Gautier Asked About Widow’s Social Security Benefits

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  Janet from Gautier has a question for Gregory about getting a Social Security widow’s benefit. Some widows may want to draw Social Security widow’s benefits, then switch to their own record.  

Winning at Life: Karen from New Orleans – Will Working Affect my Social Security Widow’s Benefits?

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Karen in New Orleans is on receiving the Social Security Widow’s Benefit. If she goes back to work, how will that affect her check?  

Winning at Life: Social Security Quiz

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Gregory Ricks gives James Parker a pop quiz that most people fail: How well do you know the basics of Social Security? Test your knowledge with this great video!