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How to Take Advantage of Tax Reform Before Year’s End

Jude Heath CPA of the Total Wealth Authority

by: Jude Heath CPA 6 tax savings ideas to consider before year’s end 1. Pay your 2018 property taxes early If your state and local taxes will be greater than $10,000, pay the excess by December 31st, leaving $10,000 to deduct in 2018. 2. Make an extra mortgage payment Make your January mortgage payment in

Winning at Life: Maestro Dennis Assaf on 40 years of JPAS

Winning at Life title

At the big Jefferson Performing Arts Society gala Pasta and Puccini, Maestro Dennis Assaf tells some of the stories behind founding the JPAS and leading it to being the premier fine arts organization in the region.

Winning at Life: Larry Gibbs tells how he got started in the construction biz

Winning at Life title

We always love hearing the back story on how successful local business leaders got their start. Larry Gibbs, founder of Gibbs Construction, says his journey to the top of the business world started in a treehouse. Gregory Ricks and James Parker were broadcasting live from the JPAS Pasta and Puccini charity gala.

Winning at Life: Ronnie Lamarque talks about selling cars and making music

Ronnie Lamarque, New Orleans’ biggest Ford dealer, talks about getting started in business, and his new album. He’s got a big gig this Friday at the JPAC, and an expansion at his auto dealership in Kenner.

Winning at Life: Everard Marks: Empire Pipeline

Gregory Ricks and James Parker meet a successful local entrepreneur, Everard Marks of Empire Pipeline, at the Jefferson Performing Arts Society (JPAS) Pasta and Puccini Gala in New Orleans, Louisiana.