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Brent from Metairie: How do I invest in gold without buying physical gold?

Gregory Ricks and James Parker discuss different ways to invest in gold other than buying coins and bars with Brent from Metairie on Winning at Life.

Winning at Life TV: Do you have a Financial Advisor or a Salesman?

Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks shows you how to tell if you’re getting investment advice from a Financial Advisor or just a salesman. We explain the difference between the two, and why it’s so important to be getting guidance from someone who can work in all of the financial worlds instead of pushing a

Gregory Ricks: Stress Testing Your Portfolio

Gregory Ricks talks to Denny Schaffer about stress testing your portfolio for the next downturn. What if Russia occupies Ukraine? What if Iran gets the bomb? What if the dollar is longer the world’s reserve currency? Will your portfolio be the victim of not being prepared?

Gregory Ricks: Should I Buy Gold?

Jack from Covington calls in to Winning at Life on 99.5 WRNO to ask Gregory Ricks about how he should invest his nest egg. Should he buy gold? Every situation is different, but after hearing some of Jack’s details, it looks like gold will not be a good fit for Jack.