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Winning at Life: Jamie from Carriere – Can You Retire and Build a New House at the Same Time?

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Jamie in Carriere wants Gregory’s guidance on how to go through retiring and moving at the same time with minimal hit on assets.

Winning at Life: Janet from Gautier Asked About Widow’s Social Security Benefits

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  Janet from Gautier has a question for Gregory about getting a Social Security widow’s benefit. Some widows may want to draw Social Security widow’s benefits, then switch to their own record.  

Winning at Life: Jim in Bush asked how long to wait before taking your Required Minimum Distribution

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Jim from Bush calls to ask Gregory how his IRA’s Required Minimum Distribution is calculated.  

Winning at Life: John from Jackson – Can You Use Liquid Assets to Pay Off Mortgage Early?

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  John in Jackson asks Gregory if he should use some of his liquid assets to pay off his mortgage. Watch this video to find the answer!   

Winning at Life: John from New Orleans – Get Social Security Benefits for an Adopted Minor?

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John in New Orleans asks if Social Security can help with his adopted grandson. Watch this video for the answer!