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Howard in Metairie: Advantages of using a Trust to Pass Along your Assets?

Wes Blanchard

Our Estate Planning Attorney Wesley Blanchard helps Howard from Metairie understand the advantages of using a Trust to pass along his assets.

Winning at Life: 2018 Predictions

Winning at Life title

Gregory Ricks & James Parker give their 2018 market predictions. What will happen with Bitcoin? Where will the Dow end up? What will GDP growth be? These are tough predictions, how did we do?

How to Take Advantage of Tax Reform Before Year’s End

Jude Heath CPA of the Total Wealth Authority

by: Jude Heath CPA 6 tax savings ideas to consider before year’s end 1. Pay your 2018 property taxes early If your state and local taxes will be greater than $10,000, pay the excess by December 31st, leaving $10,000 to deduct in 2018. 2. Make an extra mortgage payment Make your January mortgage payment in

Winning at Life: How $846k Got Lost in the Mail

Winning at Life title

Gregory Ricks tells the story of an upset heir who’s inheritance got lost in the mail. He also has some insight on how this mistake could have been avoided, and what you can learn from this story on how to handle the transfer of large assets.

Brent in Metairie: How do I Efficiently Pass My Business to My Heirs?

Winning at Life title

Our Estate Planning Attorney Wesley Blanchard helps Brent from Metairie understand how a Family LLC can be used to pass his business along to his heirs.