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Robert in MS: Uh oh. Does my Mother-In-Law’s trust have to file a tax return?

Robert from Pass Christian, Mississippi calls into Winning at Life to find out if his Mother-In-Law’s irrevocable trust is required to file a tax return every year… because it hasn’t.

The Basics of Estate Planning

Is your Money doing the right job?

Gregory Ricks talks about breaking up your investment money and tasking each part with a job.  

Gregory Ricks & Associates GPS

As the world evolves, your financial challenges evolve too. To help you reach your financial goals, you need to see more, know more and do more. Our Financial GPS provides visibility into all of your assets. You gain a holistic view of your complete financial situation, so you know more about your financial life style

Winning at Life: Financial Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

On Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks, Greg and James look at ways you can use financial information to recognize the behaviors of a cheating spouse.