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Winning at Life: Steve in Van Cleave asks about a reverse mortgage

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Steve asks Gregory Ricks and Dwayne Stein about how the math on a reverse mortgage sounds like a rip off. Is it useful in the right circumstance? Steve calls in from Van Cleave, Mississippi to discuss his situation on Winning at Life.  

Winning at Life: Using a Reverse Mortgage

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Gregory Ricks talks about putting your home equity to work for you with a Reverse Mortgage or a Reverse Purchase.

Winning at Life: How Important Is a Credit Score in Retirement?

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Cori from Waco, Texas calls Winning at Life to ask if maintaining a good credit score in retirement is worth the bother. Gregory Ricks and James Parker toss around the times when a retiree would benefit from keeping their credit score up.

Winning at Life: Should I Consolidate My Student Loans?

Gregory Ricks and James Parker weigh the pros and cons with Taylor from New Orleans on his plan to consolidate his student loans.

Winning at Life: Which Loan Should I Pay Off First?

On Winning at Life, Matthew from Bush, Louisiana asks Gregory Ricks’ advice on which loan he should pay off first. He’s a college student with two student loans, and needs a second opinion on how to get out of debt quickest.