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Winning at Life: Randy in Picayune’s Plan to Avoid Lottery Taxes

Jude Heath CPA of the Total Wealth Authority

Randy in Picayune calls in to WInning at Life to ask Gregory Ricks, James Parker, and our CPA Jude Heath about his scheme to avoid paying big taxes on his lottery winnings.

Winning at Life: I need Gregory’s Opinion on this Annuity

Anna in Mandeville isn’t so sure about the annuity she’s being offered. It sounds pretty good, but it’s always smart to get a second opinion. Better Call Gregory!

Winning at Life: Is This Annuity Is Right for Me?

Gregory Ricks and James Parker help Anthony from Houma, Louisiana find out if the annuity he is being offered is the right one for him on Winning at Life.

Winning at Life: Avoid Variable Annuities

Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks discusses why variable annuities are a financial tool of the past, and has no place in your portfolio in today’s financial planning.

Is your Money doing the right job?

Gregory Ricks talks about breaking up your investment money and tasking each part with a job.