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Winning at Life: How Should Newlyweds Invest Beyond Their 401ks?

On Winning at Life, Gregory Ricks and James Parker discuss a comment card from a recent Gregory Ricks Live. They are newlyweds in their 30s looking for some direction on what they should be doing now that they’ve maxed their 401ks, and would like to invest beyond that.

Winning at Life: How to Slash Taxes on Company Stocks in Your 401k

On Winning at Life, Gregory Ricks and James Parker explain how a rarely used rule called Net Unrealized Appreciation can dramatically reduce the tax burden of getting stocks out of your company plan.

Winning at Life: What Should I Do With My 401k Money?

On Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks, Gregory and James answer questions from viewers on Periscope who are asking common questions about what to do with the money in your 401k. Where do I put it in the market? How much do I put in the market? How do I know if I’m getting killed

Winning at Life: Should I combine our old 401ks?

Joe from Biloxi calls Gregory Ricks to get a second opinion on combining his household’s 4 old 401ks into one account, and where that should be invested.

Tina in Texas: what should I do with my old 401k?

Tina from Waco, TX calls into Winning at Life and asks Gregory and James about what she should do with the 401k at her previous job.