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Winning at Life Weekly Wrap: 05.19.18

Gregory’s flight had an aborted landing at the New Orleans airport, and they had to go wait out the bad weather in Jackson. It’s a pretty harrowing experience, but the airline seemed to handle it OK. PT Barnum’s financial advice from the 1880s stands the test of time well. Gregory and James discuss some of

Winning at Life: Bill from Metairie Asked About Managing Social Security If You Are Self-Employed

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Bill in Metairie is self-employed and hasn’t been claiming much income on his taxes throughout the years. Now, he’s concerned his Social Security check is paying the price.      

Winning at Life Daily Wrap: 05.16.18

How much does it REALLY cost to own a home in retirement? While it can be nice to have your home paid off in retirement, it may be better to have the cash on hand instead of plowing it into your house. An expert advisor on retirement planning admits to messing up her own distributions

Winning at Life: Charles in Mobile Asked About Taxes in a House Sale

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Charles calls in from Mobile to ask Gregory Ricks about the tax implications of selling a house that he’s lived in for less than two years. Jude Heath, the CPA of the Total Wealth Authority, adds to the guidance from an accounting perspective.    

Winning at Life: Dale on the Northshore – How Do I Know My IRA’s Required Minimum Distribution?

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Dale calls in from the Northshore to ask Gregory how his IRA’s Required Minimum Distribution is calculated. Check it out!