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Variable Annuities in Metairie, La

Have you started to actively plan your financial future? Have you figured out how to save for your retirement? These are important decisions and deserve a lot of time and attention.

Anyone that has been through this process can tell you how tough it is. There are many different options to think about in order to make the right choice. Gregory Ricks & Associates strives to help provide solutions to these questions by guiding our Metairie clients to life insurance, annuities, and other financial products. Variable annuities are one such option that has helped us point many of our customers toward financial stability.

Imagine a comfortable retirement, a future where you have the freedom to travel, remodel your home and spend time with family. It’s attainable, and Gregory Ricks & Associates is here to help you achieve a blissful retirement.

Variable annuities are a terrific way to plan for the financial aspect of your future. The financial advisors at Gregory Ricks & Associates can help you learn exactly what you need to know about these annuities, without bogging you down with confusing information.

Variable Annuities

As you may have surmised, there is a lot of unpredictability with variable annuities. There are lots of similarities between variable annuities and other types of annuities, such as tax-deferred growth and the option between regular payments or a lump sum. But there are also differences.

Variable annuities offer a death benefit. If you die before the insurance company has begun making payments to you, your beneficiary will be given a specified amount.

With variable annuities, you will also find some of the properties of mutual funds, life insurance, and tax-deferred retirement savings plans. Call Gregory Ricks & Associates to learn more about available investment opportunities in Metairie.