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Kenner Life Insurance

Our specialists are the solution you are looking for if you need life insurance in Kenner. By reviewing your unique situation, we will help you select the best option for you. Secure your future. Please call us today.

About Life Insurance

Life insurance is an agreement between an individual and an insurance provider. The customer agrees to pay a specified amount, or “premium”, at regular intervals, and the company agrees to pay a designated amount to a beneficiary under certain circumstances (usually at the policy owner’s time of death).

What is the difference between term & universal life insurance

Term life insurance relates to a specified time period, relating to both premium payments and the payout.

In contrast, universal or whole life insurance is guaranteed for the duration of the owner’s life. The benefits of this type of life insurance include easy access to funds and tax-advantaged growth of wealth.

Both kinds of life insurance have benefits. To find out which life insurance solution will work for you, talk to our insurance professionals in Kenner.

How does life insurance compare to other investment options?

The pluses and minuses of to each investment program will be unique to you, depending on your financial circumstance. This is why choosing an experienced financial advisor is so important.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

All adults, no matter how old they are, have a need for life insurance.

Why Should You Buy Life Insurance?

  • Provide the means for your family to pay for funeral expenses.
  • To pay for the expense of children that may still be living at home.
  • Paying off mortgages and other outstanding debts.

These are just some of the reasons why you need life insurance. Learn more about your options by contacting a life insurance professional at Gregory Ricks & Associates.